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James Baroud

James Baroud Portable LED Flashlight

James Baroud Portable LED Flashlight

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The light inside the tent is assured by the James Baroud Portable Light. With a USB rechargeable lithium battery that allows several hours of use before recharging.

It’s removable and versatile for every camping occasion, with built-in magnets allowing instant, secure attachment to any metal surface, and it can be attached on the arm of a backpack for hiking. It also comes with a red colored light option to avoid insects and improve night vision.

Bullet Points

  • Powerful Lighting Options: The James Baroud Portable Light features a strong 3W LED light in the front with 2 intensities, providing reliable illumination inside the tent or for lighting your path ahead.
  • Versatile Attachment: With built-in magnets, the light securely attaches to any metal surface, allowing for instant placement wherever needed. It can also be attached to the arm of a backpack for hands-free lighting during hiking.
  • COB Light with Color Options: The side of the light features a COB light with different colors. The white light provides visibility, while the red light is softer on the eyes, improves night vision, and helps keep bugs away. There is also a blinking red option for SOS signals or as a presence light while hiking.
  • 360º Rotation Adjustment: The light can be rotated 360º, allowing you to adjust the angle and use it as a spotlight inside the tent or direct the light as needed.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a durable 2600mAh battery, the James Baroud Portable Light offers several hours of use before requiring recharging. The battery can be conveniently charged via USB.
Articulate Design: The light's articulate feature enables you to change the angle of the light after attaching it, providing flexibility and convenience in directing the light where you need it most.
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