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James Baroud

James Baroud Frontier Odyssey Hard Shell Tent

James Baroud Frontier Odyssey Hard Shell Tent

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Note: custom colors are made to order. The estimated delivery time for an order with custom color is 8 weeks.

Note: If you like any other color visit and let us know the RALCOLOR Number for your custom hard shell tent.



  • Made with a thick ABS plastic (4mm) that is strong, durable and resistant to heat and light.
  • It also has a layer coated on the outside that gives it extra UV protection, a great resistance to extreme weather and resilience to the color when exposed to the elements.
  • A specially designed aluminum profile rim with several integrated gutters that easily allows attach and slide different accessories inside and outside the tent.
  • At the bottom of the tent there are cavities for 8 slide gutters to position and attach the fixing clips to the ceiling bars of the vehicle, which allows the range of ceiling bar widths to increase.



  • The gray canvas consists of a coated high-quality 3 layered fabric, with 650 gr/m2, double seams that reflects solar rays and is resistant to UV, heat and water.
  • It is fitted under a curved aluminum guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect water drainage and strong wind resistance, tested in gusts of wind of 75miles/h.
  • This roof top tent has the trademarked 360º view through its windows and doors with the Mosquito Net stitched right into the fabric.
  • When closed, you can enjoy a full night's rest with an improved acoustic and thermal insulation, 100% blackout technology and rubber cursors on all the zippers.
  • The rear door features a transparent PVC window for when it’s raining or cold, the window can be closed from outside weather but light still comes inside.
  • We also improved the closing method with the addition of a handle in the external part of the rear door, now to close the tent you just need to leave the door zippers open and pull that rubber handle.
  • The Frontier series have a modular canvas with 6 parts that can be replaced individually to make it easier to fix a small damage.



  • The fan is the best technology to prevent condensation and help exhaust heat, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi.
  • The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is automatically recharged while in the sun. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan was conceived to circulate a volume seven times the size of our bigger tent.



  • The closing and opening of the tent is automatically assisted through 4 hydraulic dampers and articulated arms, the pistons assure the tension of the fabric of the rooftop tent for perfect wind resistance. It has a patented locking mechanism where it can be fine tuned for best performance.
  • After opening the tent with just a nudge, you just need to lock all 4 arms individually from inside the tent.To do that, just pull the handle that is behind each piston elbow until you hear a ‘click’. To unlock the piston arms, just push the same handle until you hear the same ‘click’ sound.
  • From inside the tent, the pistons are protected by a canvas.



  • Inside the tent you’ll find the James Baroud High Density Mattress made for long trips and maximum comfort. With 28kg/m3 density and 65mm high, it is often reported as the most comfortable in the market.
  • Also, in the Frontier series, you’ll also find an Isolating PVC flooring to improve comfort. 



  • The light inside the tent is assured by the James Baroud LED Lantern. With a USB rechargeable lithium battery of 2600mAH, it allows several hours of use before recharging.



  • The hard shell roof top tents are featured with a storage net on the upper part of the interior.
  • When closed, the tent has a space for storage of 20cm (7.8') in height. 



  • Made of a strong polymer instead of metal. They were designed to resist extreme cold and rain while also being easy to open and close.
  • To improve the tent aerodynamics, there are now only 2 Locks on the back sides; the front part of the tent has a new patented locking mechanism to make it easier and faster.



  • The new Clamps now are more versatile and can be attached to bars with varied width between 30mm (1.18") and 85mm (3.35"). It is also made of a strong polymer so it won’t rust, it’s easier to attach to the car and can resist a torque of 14 N m. The tent is delivered with 6 sets of James Baroud Clamps.
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