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James Baroud

James Baroud Evasion Hard Shell Tent

James Baroud Evasion Hard Shell Tent

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Note: all traditional colors (white, black and gray) are normally in stock.

Note: custom colors are made to order. The estimated delivery time for an order with custom color is 8 weeks.

Note: If you like any other color visit and let us know the RALCOLOR Number for your custom hard shell tent.

  • With its larger overall internal space, the Evasion provides comfortable space for adults to sit upright in either end of the tent.
  •  With its full 360 degree panoramic windows, air circulates freely though the tent in warmer climates.
  • For extreme conditions, ventilation can also be assisted by the solar powered ventilation system.
  • Access to the tent is easily gained by using the telescoping ladder that comes standard with all James Baroud rooftop tents and can attach to either side of the tent.
  • 360 degree panoramic windows
  • Waterproof fabric
  • High density foam mattress
  • Interior storage
  • Automatic opening
  • Telescopic ladder
  • LED Flashlight
  • Ventilation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • The shell are made of glass reinforced polyester and finishing like Gelcoat.
  • The shell have two air slots, equiped with a dust filter that improves the ventilation inside the tent.
  • The shell locking is ensured by two tailor-made locks.
  • The shell is fixed to the vehicule by two aluminium rails, built-in the under shell with six fixing points (M8 screws and self-locking bolts).
  • The tent has a vent (CMV),with an on/off switch. The vent is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is rechargeable by an integrated solar panel. With a capacity of 11.6m3/mn, this vent prevent condensation and helps evacuating the heat stored, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi.
  • Each hard shell rooftop tent comes with a led lighting with rechargeable battery. It is removable. It has a lithium battery of 2600mAh wich allows several hours of use.
  • Orders Over $79.99 Ship Free
  • Ships Within 24HR
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