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Dobinsons Spring & Suspension



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  • 0-60 PSI Gauge Included at 1PSI Increments, giving easy and accurate readings
  • Quick Release Coupling to Allow Pressure Checking at any time during Deflation
  • Corrosion Resistant Brass Fittings for Long Life
  • Includes Carry Case
  • Combine with Dobinsons Air Compressor and Deluxe Tire Repair Kit for a Complete Tire Maintenance Package

Dobinsons 4x4 Rapid Tire Deflator is the perfect tool for airing down your tires when venturing off road. Everyone knows it should be the first thing you do when your tires leave the pavement, so don''t bother wasting time with other deflating methods, use the Dobinsons 4x4 Rapid Tire Deflator and quickly lower your tires to your preferred level, easily and accurately. The gauge is in a position so that you can check the pressure as you go, from 0 to 60 PSI with 1 PSI Increments. To check pressure while deflating, use the quick release coupling to allow the gauge to read the pressure at any time. Made with Corrosion Resistant Brass Fittings, Durable Air Hose, and includes a Compact Carry Case. This is not intended to be used as a regular tire pressure gauge, as the fitting must be screwed on to the tire valve. It can be done, but would not be as fast as using the Digital Tire Gauge that comes with the Dobinsons 4x4 Tire Repair Plug Kit, Part TR80-3809 (sold separately).
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