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DECKED Drawer System | Toyota Tundra

DECKED Drawer System | Toyota Tundra

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Product Description:

The Version Y Truck Drawer System from DECKED is a complete redesign, specifically tailored to fit mid-size truck beds. Its architecture has been revamped from the ground up to meet unique space constraints. With features like a steel-reinforced frame, a single center deck panel with in-molded steel reinforcements, and SKU-specific side panels that bolt into the sides to match truck bed contours, it's built for durability and practicality. Boasting a 1000 lb load capacity, it's perfectly suited for mid-size pickups. The Version Y Drawer System inherits the same tie-downs, accessory compatibility, and stash lids as its predecessors. What's new is a remarkable 30% increase in storage volume, thanks to a single super drawer that provides a massive boost in usable storage. Each drawer can handle up to 250 lbs of load, and a front bin adds small-item storage with weatherproofing. High sides keep your gear contained within the drawer. Improved side access and weatherproofing are essential features. The Version Y Truck Drawer System retains the support feet of its predecessor, holding the load without eliminating side access. Attachment to the truck bed is simplified with steel brackets and turnbuckles, reducing the need for custom brackets and making installation easier. The closeout system, identical to the Version X Drawer system, keeps your gear protected.

Product Features:

  • Accessory Compatibility: Maintains compatibility with existing tie-downs, accessories, and stash lids.
  • Drawer Load Capacity: Each drawer can handle up to 250 lbs of load.
  • Super Drawer Design: Features a single "super drawer" for massive usable storage.
  • Improved Side Access: Streamlined side access for added convenience.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Toyota Tacoma 2005-C 6'2"
  • Steel-Reinforced Frame: Built to last with a robust steel-reinforced frame.
  • Load Capacity: With a substantial 1000 lb load capacity, it's tailored for mid-size pickups.
  • High Side Panels: High sides ensure gear stays contained within the drawer.
  • In-Molded Steel Reinforcements: Enhanced durability with in-molded steel reinforcements.
  • Simplified Installation: Attachment to the truck bed made simpler with steel brackets and turnbuckles.
  • SKU-Specific Side Panels: Customized side panels bolt into truck bed contours for a precise fit.
  • Weatherproof Front Bin: Added storage with weatherproofing in a front bin.
  • Storage Volume Increase: A significant 30% increase in storage volume.
  • Gear Protection: Utilizes the same closeout system as the Version X for keeping gear protected.
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