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Baja Designs LP4 Pro LED Auxiliary Light POD Pair

Baja Designs LP4 Pro LED Auxiliary Light POD Pair

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  • The LP4 is the smallest variant in the LP line up but maintains all of the power and features of its siblings.
  • The LP4 features a total of 8,750 lumens and a 200 degree spread of usable LED light.
  • This light pumps out 7,050 forward projecting lumens and 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting courtesy of our patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT).



Choose from a variety of patterns to suit your needs:

  • Driving/Combo: Maximum trail coverage in a single light. The Driving/Combo pattern is equipped with both Driving (42 degrees) and spot (8 degrees) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near-field applications and distance.
  • Spot: A longer and narrower 8-degree beam focus for illumination further down the trail or road. The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving and/or Driving/Combo beam lights. 


  • Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible
  • 5000K Daylight – Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color
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  • Ships Within 24HR
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