Need to connect a handful of electrical accessories? This convenient 10-pack of ring terminals will allow you to connect 5 accessories to the power and ground bus bars on the lid of your dual battery kit. These are the same high quality, adhesive lined, heat shrink connectors that we use to connect the smart isolator. Don't waste your money on the cheap Chinese plastic ring terminals that are found in the auto parts stores. Those are not suitable for use under the hood with the wide temperature variations and do not seal out moisture, so they will eventually crack and corrode. Do it right the first time with the best quality components available.

These terminals are for use with 14 gauge wire or smaller, which is perfect for a lot of aftermarket accessories such as LED lighting, CB radios, and a lot more. Use a quality crimping tool and a heat gun for the best installation. 

GENESIS OFFROAD 20-4. 14-16 Gauge Ring Terminals, Pack of 10





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