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Genesis Offroad

Genesis Offroad Toyota 4 Runner Dual Battery Kit

Genesis Offroad Toyota 4 Runner Dual Battery Kit

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  • The Genesis Offroad dual battery kit for the Toyota 4Runner is the most complete and easiest to install dual battery system on the market.
  • Protect your 4Runner's cranking battery from being drained down by your aftermarket accessories.
  • Fits 5th gen, 2010-2020 Toyota 4Runner.
  • Requires 2 identical Group 25 size batteries, sold separately



  • Completely prewired out of the box
  • Batteries sold separately. Matching Group 25 batteries are required.
  • Boost switch included - jump start your vehicle off your second battery
  • Power and Ground bus bars make it easy to connect accessories
  • Smart Isolator automatically handles all charging functions
  • Interface port for the G Screen monitoring system
  • Best quality wires, tin-plated copper connectors, and sealed heat shrink tubing
  • Powdercoated for durability
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Sold As A Kit


  • All of the wiring has already been done for you, and the smart isolator comes pre-installed.
  • The welded gussets on top have holes with grommets to route the wires directly to the correct battery post, so there's no guess work involved to make the connections.
  • High quality battery terminal connectors are crimped to the flexible 2 gauge wire connecting the batteries together.
  • With all the wiring integrated into the top plate, servicing your batteries has never been easier. Simply pull the terminals off the battery posts, remove the 4 bolts securing the lid, and all the wiring can be lifted up and out of the way to service your batteries when necessary.
  • The included smart isolator gives you automatic control of all the charging functions with no interaction required


Here's how it works:

  • When both your batteries are fully charged at 13.2 volts, they are automatically connected and are charged at the same time
  • When you park and turn off the engine, but continue to use accessories such as lights or the stereo or a CB, both batteries begin to drain down
  • When your main cranking battery reaches 12.7 volts, the smart isolator separates the batteries, so that your cranking battery will have enough power to start the engine. The second battery continues to power your accessories for as long as it will last
  • After you crank the vehicle, your main cranking battery will be charged up to 13.2 volts first, and then the isolator will all charging of your accessory battery

What if your cranking battery is somehow drained down too low to be able to start the vehicle? We have a solution for that

  • Press the Start Boost button and the isolator will connect both batteries together for 1 minute, acting like built-in jumper cables to jump start your engine off your accessory battery
  • As long as the accessory battery has enough power, you'll be able to start your vehicle instead of being stranded with a dead battery! By only charging one battery at a time, your alternator is protected from excessive strain
  • Also includes high amp power and ground bus bars. The bus bars are already prewired to the accessory battery. Now you can quickly and easily connect your winch, lights, amplifiers, and lots more while keeping the wiring neat and orderly. Your winch or other high-amp cable lugs go onto the large center post on the bus bars, and all your other accessories go directly to the smaller screw terminals on the bus bars.


Battery Options:


  • Any Group 25 size battery will fit our tray (Note the stock battery is not compatible)
  • For your convenience, we currently offer the Full River FT750-25, an excellent battery that has 750CCA (cold cranking amps) and 64aH (amp hours) of reserve capacity
  • Note: Batteries ordered through Genesis Offroad will ship separately from the closest Full River warehouse 
  • Both batteries must be the same physical size for the top lid to securely hold them in place


Isolator Rating:

  • The 4Runner dual battery kit comes with a smart isolator and solenoid rated to handle a continuous 200 amps of current. It will handle spikes of up to 750 amps for up to 30 seconds
  • Orders Over $79.99 Ship Free
  • Ships Within 24HR
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