• Nylon webbing absorbs the shock of heavy pulls, while the elastic rebound energy aids in quick recovery.
  • Constructed of tough, high quality nylon web encasing a red warning marker to indicate damaged webbing.
  • End loops are reinforced with abrasion resistant wear pads.
  • Nylon Webbing Absorbs The Shock Of Heavy Pulls, While The Elastic Rebound Energy Aids In Quick Recovery
  • Constructed Of Tough, High Quality Nylon Web Encasing A Red Warning Marker To Indicate Damaged Webbing
  • End Loops Are Reinforced With Abrasion-Resistant Wear Pads
  • Dimensions:  2" x 30' (5cm x 9m)
  • Premium Recovery Strap. Rated to 14,400lbs/8165kgs.
  • Features a 18"/457mm nylon sliding sleeve to help prevent excessive wear caused by exposure to sharp objects

WARN 88922 Premium recovery Strap 14,000lb

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