• Made of top-grade carbon fiber
  • The retractable rod is designed to meet your different demand. You can obtain your optimal illumination effect easily. This lamp is perfect for camping, fishing, travelling, party and so on.
  •  No battery included. You can connect the lamp to car battery or any 12V battery for charging.



LED Light Dimensions: 4" x 3"
Bar Hight: 145"
Bar Material: Carbon Fiber

Bar Color: Blue
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Power: 48 W.
Voltage: 12 V.
Limens: 2000 lúmenes.


Item include:

  • 1 Led Light 
  • Carbon Fiber Retractil bar
  • Remote Control
  • Steel Floor Support
  • Battery aligator clamps cable connector
  • 12V car connector cable
  • Extention cable connetor


Retractable Outdoor 12V Camping Light GEN-OCL