Complete Heavy Duty Suspension OLD MAN EMU for Jeep Wrangler JL 2018 on.


Kit include:

  • Front Coil Spring PN: 3135. Qty: 2
  • Rear Coil Spring PN: 3138. Qty: 2
  • Front Coil Spring Trim Spacers PN: OMEJKPF10. Qty: 2
  • Rear Coil Spring Trim Spacers PN: OMEJLPR10. Qty: 2
  • Bump Stop Kit PN: FK92
  • Sway Bar Link Kit F&R PN: FK93 
  • Front Lower Control Arms PN: LCAJLFR 
  • Front Shocks PN: BP5160033. Qty: 2
  • Front Fit Kit PN: VM80010038 
  • Rear Right Shock PN: BP5160034R 
  • Rear Left Shock PN: BP5160034L 
  • Rear Fit Kit: VM80010039 


Estimated Lift:

  • Rubicon: 2.5in
  • Sport and Sahara: 3.5in


Important Notes:

  • Lift increase is approximate and will depend on accessory fitment and vehicle weight.
  • When fitting larger than original diameter tyres, it may be necessary to fit aftermarket wheels (rims) that have a greater offset (less backspacing) to ensure that sufficient clearance is given between the tyre and suspension components. 
  • Spring ratings for the light duty kit are 0-90 lbs additional weight front and up to 150 lbs additional weight rear. Ratings for the springs in the heavy duty kit are 90-190 lbs front and up to 300 lbs rear.

OLD MAN EMU OMEJL4DBP51HK Heavy Duty Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL 2018 on