• The Mob Mount Switch is the ultimate solution in smartphone holders.
  • The Switch comes with a powder coat finish for durability.
  • Made from 5052 aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable tab to accommodate any phone size
  • Twist lock that can quickly and easily to secure your device
  • Attachment bracket to allow different mounting options
  • High density closed-cell EVA foam protects from shock & vibration
  • Screw hardware and wrench to switch between mounts
  • The magnetic mounting option comes with a 90 pound-pull neodymium magnet that can attach to any ferrous metal surface.
  • The magnetic mount will also come with a steel mounting discs AKA Mob Disc. This disc is weather-proof and comes with a VHB adhesive backing (proven secure by GoPro!) that will allow you to attach the mount to any flat surface.
  • If you don't need as strong of a magnet pull, don't worry! Included with the magnetic accessory is a rubber boot that will decrease the strength of the magnet to half the original pull.
  • The Large Mob Mount Switch is compatible with the following phones, with or without a case:
    • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus.
    • LG G3/G4, Moto X (2nd Gen), Moto G (2nd Gen), Nexus 6, OnePlus One.
    • Sony Xperia Z3.
    • HTC 612/One M8.
    • Samsung S3/S4/S5/S6/S6 Edge/Note 3/Note 4/Note 5/Note 5 Edge/Note 7.


MOB ARMOR Large Black Mount Claw MOBM2-BLK-LG