• These flexible water tanks from Australia are best suitably for the Offroad employment with highest mechanical load.
  • These tanks are just as well suitable also for Mobilhome, boats, employment at welfare organizations, farm range and the fire-brigade.
  • The smell-neutral tanks are in the best way suitable, where space is limited.
  • The empty tanks can be easily rolled up and stowed away.
  • As transportation space the floor space behind the front seats is suitable, or the loading area behind the back bank, or the loading area (inclusive Pickup) or the porter.  
  • Capacity: 14 Gal / 55L
  • Dimensions: 55in x 16in x 6in (1400mm x 400mm x 160mm)

FLEXITANK Blue Flexible water tank PW55

$198.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • PW55