• ARB’s recovery point for the 200 Series is designed to be fitted to the left or right hand side of the chassis or both.
  • Manufactured from 20mm flame cut steel plate, each recovery point is supplied as a single unit with the necessary mounting hardware.
  • To ensure that during an angled recovery there are no inappropriate forces exerted on the shackle, the recovery point hasa long slot to allow the recommended bow shackle to be fedthrough and the strap attached via the pin instead of thebow.
  • This allows even distribution of the recovery force through the shackle to avoid side loads on the pin. Side loads on the pin invoke forces that tend to open up the shackle, putting unwanted load on its weakest point, the pin threads.
  • Maximum strap rating is an 8000kg strap.
  • Recommended shackle rating is 4.75t.

ARB Recovery Point Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2815010

  • 2815010




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