• Manufactured from 2" wide polyester webbing.
  • The ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unraveled either while being carried or when in storage. 
  • Each strap wrap is approx. 33" long and is fully adjustable to stay tightly wrapped on all recovery straps.
  •  Adjustment is simple using a sure-grip buckle similar to those on the ARB recovery bags
  • The ARB Recovery logo is woven into the webbing in orange so there is no mistaking its intended purpose, however it has a multitude of uses such as wrapping sleeping bags, camp blankets, tarps, etc.

    ARB Strap Wraps are packaged individually in blister packs ready to hang on showroom displays.

ARB 10100380 Strap Wrap 2inch Polyester fully adjustable with sure-grip buckle

  • 33"