Family Adventures Await

Experience safe, spacious, and memorable family adventures with James Baroud rooftop tents.

Spacious Comfort

Even our standard M-sized rooftop tents offer ample space for 2 adults and a child. 

Opt for our XL size, and you can comfortably accommodate your entire family. And don’t worry about installation, it fits any car on any size.

Outdoor Adventures

Unplug and reconnect with nature. A rooftop tent adventure offers your family the chance to escape screens, explore the outdoors, and create lasting memories.

One of the most effective ways to pull kids away from screens is by taking them camping – something they typically adore. It's not just about disconnecting from the virtual world; it's about them connecting with nature and stumbling upon exciting new experiences. and outdoor activities, a great opportunity for quality family time.

Explore Your Options:

Below are some of James Baroud's best options for families that want to get out and adventure.

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